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Clone yourself.

Get more done.

with the AI platform built for DTC and retail CEOs

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If you could personally attend to every one of your customer needs, how much higher do you think your sales would be?


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support cost reduction

We provide the tools you need to get real results

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presentation-chart-bar   Unlock AI driven insights & segments

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As a DTC CEO clone, what will you be doing more of?


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As a D2C CEO clone, what will you be doing more of?
Increase sales from lapsed customers

As you may know, one of the reasons why most brands have poor customer loyalty is the lack of emotional connection evoked from the sterile, catch-all marketing campaigns blasted to their ‘list’ every single day from Using our AI tool, you can add a human touch to your brand by “personally” reaching out to your customers at scale.

Acquire new customers

How many people have signed up for your emails but haven't made a purchase, despite all the coupons you sent them? We allow you to personally reach out to these prospective customers in ways you could never scale with traditional methods.

There is no limit on the customer size that our suite of AI enabled tools can help personalize. By scaling communication with the help of AI to send personalized messages by text, email, or even deep faked voice memos - every prospect on your list will engage with your brand with an elevated VIP experience.

Get honest customer feedback

When was the last time you filled out a survey? Use AI to have real conversations with your customers and get their honest feedback, including on what new products they'd be interested in buying.

Reduce support costs

Are you answering support tickets like its still 2020? What about phone calls? Our AI can deflect ⅓ of your calls and tickets, while improving response times on the remaining ⅔.

Improve gross margin dollars

stop turning all of your customers into bargain hunters with constant markdown sales. Use our AI to identify the best segments to incentivize with the right offers; 5% for some, 10% for others.

Determine the most optimal products & categories to target for higher returns over blasting 40% off or higher to all store-wide when it isn't even necessary. Imagine if you could personally audit every single one of your product description pages? Well now, you can.



Less than 10k
customer list


  • Up to 1000 messages per send

  • Limited support

  • Great to get started and see how it works


customer list

$1000 / mth or 3% of attributable sales

  • Unlimited sends

  • Response handling

  • ESP integration

  • Send score protection

  • Standard support


customer list

$2000 / mth or 3% of attributable sales

  • Unlimited sends

  • Response handling

  • ESP integration

  • Send score protection

  • Dedicated support



Custom pricing

  • Unlimited sends

  • Custom response handling & email sequences

  • ESP integration

  • Enhanced send score protection

  • Dedicated support
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